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More relaxation music and video training... with a French Twist!

Relaxation et musique de bien-etre. On this French web site, you can find new great music and training courses for Massage, Relaxation, Yoga , Reiki, Tai-chi , Qi-Gong , Respiration, Méditation, Gestion du stress , Zenitude, Pilates, Fitness.

Best Headphones for NapSounds

Love to listen to NapSounds but hate the painful earbuds and bulky headphones? I'd like to introduce you to SleepPhones, the most comfortable headphones ever - so soft you can even sleep in them. The sound quality is great, and they are even made from washable recycled fleece. SleepPhones are like pajamas for your ears. You can get great naps during the day or sleep better at night while blocking out snoring and other noises using SleepPhones too. They are very innovative and a great complement to NapSounds.

SleepPhones - pajamas for your ears (soft comfortable headphones for sleeping)